Kayode Ajulo Takes a Giant Leap


Intelligent and dynamic legal practitioner, Dr. Olukayode Abraham Ajulo, is fast becoming prominent in the legal world and a household name.               Judging from his activities in a long while as a lawyer and tutor, Kayode-Ajulo’s political career has risen tremendously. As a politician, Kayode-Ajulo was arguably the youngest to have held a sensitive position such as National Secretary of a leading political party, Labour Party, in modern Nigeria before he resigned from the position.  Having cut his legal teeth under the tutelage of great legal minds as Afe Babalola, GOK Aayi and Tunji Abayomi, the unassuming and amiable personality has gone ahead to establish his firm that is today popularly known as  Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law Chambers.

Diligence, integrity and honesty that are his hallmark- Kayode-Ajulo is fortunate to have ‘heavyweights’ such as prominent individuals, several federal and state agencies on the list of his clients. Furthermore, his legal advocacy is not limited to the home soil as he is also internationally engaged. He provides consultancy services for the government of about twelve countries across Africa and Europe. As a creative mind whose penchant for being miles ahead is second to none; the founder of an NGO that deals in promoting rule of law, social and economic equality in Africa, Egalitarian Mission Africa.

Kayode-Ajulo, towards his aspiration of building the biggest law firm and giving back to the profession that has done so much for him, is taking an audacious step to set a new pace in the legal profession as he berths with an online legal service, a platform that promises to be the largest legal resource hub in sub-Saharan Africa with the capacity to attend to clients anywhere they are in the world, only with the aid of phones, computers and internet facilities.

Mode of achieving the feat is to have over 50,000 online legal partners\associates, as well as over 500,000 law students\paralegals as interns to his professional services in the world. This development, according to Kayode-Ajulo will afford all and sundry the opportunity not just to access legal services, since human daily endeavor requires legal services, but also a high quality lawyer’s representation through what he called easy to use open market.