Patriotic Acts Could Help Nigeria Weather Economic Recession, Says NIPR


Chineme Okafor and Dare Ogunsanya in Abuja

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has called for patriotism and the need to bring national conscience to the front burner, saying proactive application of these virtues are critical to bringing the country out of its current economic recession.

Speaking at the National Conference of the Federal Capital Chapter of the NIPR at the weekend in Abuja, its President and Chairman of Council, Mr. Rotimi Oladele, noted that despite the fact that recession is a global challenge, no group in Nigeria has done enough to protect the interest of the country.

He also stated that with the challenges, Nigeria however remains a brand that is acceptable to all and sundry, but that citizens need to look at areas of the country’s shortcoming that need remedial actions.

He explained that public relations remains an effective tool in changing unhealthy perceptions about the country, both locally and globally, adding that efforts should be mad to promote consumption of locally made products.

According to him: “We are all guilty. We must all come together and do what is right. That is the truth. It is high time we all looked back and embrace what belongs to us, what God gave us, which is Nigeria as a nation and then do the best to make sure that it moves forward.

“PR drives honesty and that is why what we are saying, PR promotes what is ideal. We need to bring national conscience of the nation to the front burner, to showcase how better it is done.”
“Patriotism also matters. We should wear what is Nigeria, eat what is Nigeria; buy what is Nigeria; take your money and invest in Nigeria. You cannot see a Chinese, Indian or a German, who is coming to build Nigerian economy for Nigerians. It is only Nigerians that would do it for the Nigerian nation,” he added.

Also speaking, President of the FCT Chapter of the NIPR, Mr. Tayo Haastrup, said the NIPR is working to ensure that it support and improve relations and the fortunes of the country in terms of reputation and public relations management.

Haastrup said: “Reputation has to do with something truthful. Here also in the country, our attitude, our truthfulness and other things, also speak about the kind of reputation we are building up in this nation.

“The issue of integration is for us to understand the need to live together, to be our brothers’ keepers, so that there would not be any cause or concern for disintegration in this country. It also involves the need for us to trust each other, to live together peacefully in this country.”