Donald Trump Files Lawsuit over Voting Extension


…Votes, does interviews and tweets on election day

Zacheaus Somorin in Washington DC with agency report

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, claiming that early voting was unfairly extended.

“Let me tell you, if I don’t win I will consider it a tremendous waste of time, energy and money,” Trump told Fox & Friends early Tuesday. The New York businessman later cast his vote at a school in Manhattan, joking with reporters: “Tough decision.”

Asked if he would concede the election should he lose, Trump responded, “We’ll see what happens.” Some voters at Trump’s polling place cheered his presence; others booed and yelled “phony” at the Republican candidate.

“I’m very excited,” he told reporters. “It’s a great opportunity. There’s tremendous enthusiasm you see it all over the country, all over the world. It’s a great feeling.” While pre-election surveys gave an edge to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump told Fox News “I think a lot of the polls are phony,” and predicted victory.

Trump, who at one point considered more campaigning on Election Day, planned to stay out sight most of Tuesday, making calls, conducting interviews, and using social media. A round of radio and television show call-ins is also on the schedule, aides said, as is a private reception at Trump Tower for friends and supporters.

In a last-day fundraising solicitation, Trump told supporters, “I’ll be on calls with our political director all day, determining which states need last-minute resources.”

Trump’s day ends with what aides are billing as a “victory party” at a Midtown hotel. Throughout the final weeks of the campaign, Trump warned about the prospect of a “rigged” election based on alleged voter fraud and biased news coverage. The Republican nominee has consistently declined to say whether he would honor the results of the election if he loses.