A New Vision – An Expository on How Africans were Enslaved to Western Life


Mary Ekah
From the onset, the black people were viewed as a possession and were never accorded the same rights and privileges as his white counterparts. Many black people set their foot on American soil via the forced journey from Africa by way of the slave trade. Many of those who were taken on the force mission are men and children who came from great kingdoms and dynasties in Africa, like the Oyo Empire, the Ghanaian Empire, the kingdom of Benin and many more great Empires.

After Europe had finally ended the Slave Trade in the 1800s, Africa was not given time to recover its real image as most of African countries came under colonial rules. Many Africans were influenced by western world neglecting our own culture and heritage. A black man serves as a slave to his white counterpart making him to assimilate and integrate into his own while culture.

These and more are what Bola Ogunkoya examines in his book, ‘A New Vision’. The book lays emphasis on racism, crime and law. The author writes in the book that although progress has been made in the fight against racism, Africa still has a long way to go.

Ogunkoya pointed out in his book that of all the people that have come to America, the black man was the only one who arrived in chains. Not just the physical chain that we see but are still chained emotionally, physiologically and in so many other ways. A New Vision therefore examines the plight of the black people, the struggle, pain and the emotion of the black community. The effect and influence of slave trade is discussed in details.

The book is also of the view that African communities are known to possess the best of culture but civilisation has taken its toll in our world today. The book is also of the view that blacks are brought up to be strong but the western world has weaken our strength as we no longer value what we have as culture and but have neglected the beauty of our own community.

He laments that for centuries, the African people have been denied access to education in that our children now seek pleasure in things that have no value. The writer therefore lays keen emphasis on education, as the major tool to bring back culture and resurrect the image of the black people. ‘A New Vision’ talks about every issue about the black people and how we have enslaved their minds to the western things. The writer made it known, that, today, the television, newspaper and magazines are no longer doing their duties, as many of the content do not portray educative programmes.

The writer lays emphasis on discipline in family and society, our relationship with other people, our culture, decency and good upbringing amongst others. Lastly, the writer analyses how to get black people out of the present situation and what can really bring a change to the black people. He portrays education to be the only tool that can help us out. He advises that Africans should invest in every child’s education and await a better future for the child.