Exploitation Galore



Although Nigerians have been severally described as one of the most accommodating people in Africa and globally, there is a darker side to the citizenry, which borders on crass opportunism. This negative trait is now being exhibited more brazenly in this era of economic recession, where citizens now turn upon themselves in a battle of survival of the fittest and grabbing of any available opportunities even at the expense of the next person. Instances abound where this has taken place.

How does one explain how internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are barely eking out a living in camps are being subjected to brutal sexual abuse by the very security agents who are supposed to watch over them? It is evil when huge supermarkets churn out near-expired products at attractive prices to unsuspecting consumers, or the inhuman treatment of employers across several sectors of the economy (media industry inclusive) all in the name of recession; and now boli sellers and ugwu merchants freely pin the rationale for the higher cost of their wares on scarcity of dollars!

Although nothing good or bad lasts forever, if this negative trend is not urgently tackled or reversed, the fallout would be rising anger among the immediate victims of this exploitation, who will in turn lash out at anyone within striking distance, with anarchy the final outcome. Even though things have never been this bad, Nigerians need an attitudinal change across all sectors, religions, educational strata and societal divides. The earlier each citizen realises that it is better to help your neighbour so that everyone can be on the same happy page, the better for this country and her development process. This is not too much to ask….is it?

– Abimbola Akosile