US-based Nigerian Joins in Remodeling US President House


US-based Nigerian construction expert, Lawrence Dibor, has said he was among a consortium of professionals involved in the design and construction of the President’s House, a monument in the history and administration of the United States of America.

The President’s House is a memorial located in Independence Square in the City of Philadelphia, on the site of a building which served as both residence and office for President George Washington during his terms of service in the 18th century, and similarly for President John Adams during the first two years of his term. At that time, Philadelphia was the Capital of the United States.

A statement by Dibor said, “The site embodies a profound contradiction during the infancy of the United States- the same home that witnessed the birth of a free nation and its first steps toward democracy. Surrounding the historical site are the Independence Visitor Center, Constitution Center, Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin House, 1st U.S. Post Office, and Betsy Ross House. The President’s house is also connected to the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American freedom.”

The civil engineering and construction administration of the project, which were performed by Adcon Consultants, according to Dibor, its Managing Director, are a great achievement and an honour for him and his company.

It is a permanent outdoor structure located at 6th and Market Streets in the City of Philadelphia, close to the Liberty Bell Pavilion. “We were selected by the Project Architect on behalf of the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Property and the National Park Service to perform the civil engineering and design services, including drawings and specifications,” the Philadelphia based Nigerian disclosed.

“The President’s House is a historical site with a place of pride in the history of America. It brings me great joy and honor to be part of the history of contributing our civil engineering knowledge and experience to creating a monument that is in line with modern construction projects,” he said.

Dibor, who has over 30 years of business experience in construction, architecture, engineering and building management in the U.S explains further how the team was able to handle this complex project.

“Due to the historic nature of the project, we reviewed the archaeological and geotechnical information of the site in order to be able to protect the existing underground 18th & 19th century foundation remnants during construction, as well as to provide proper drainage throughout the site.”

The President House is currently a huge tourist attraction for people interested in learning about the making of modern America, with visitors estimated at over one million people per year.
Dibor’s accomplishment joins the growing list of well-meaning Nigerians spread all over the world doing great things and projecting a good image of the country. He is both an architect/engineer and construction expert and has successfully built his full service design and construction management company into a firm that handles a diverse array of projects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York.

Before starting Adcon Consultants, Dibor worked for large architectural and engineering firms such as Day & Zimmerman Incorporated in the US. Additionally, he worked for University of Pennsylvania’s facility planning, design, and management department. Dibor has a vast experience in architectural and engineering design, community planning, construction management, facilities planning and design, project management and environmental design. His experience also includes the design and management of small, medium and large projects for industrial, manufacturing, governmental, commercial, health care, educational, institutional, transportation, residential, commercial and correctional facilities projects. He is one of few highly respected Nigerian-American leaders in the City of Philadelphia, both in professional and civic leadership.

Dibor is a member of several professional and business associations and construction bodies such as the Union League of Philadelphia, the American Institute of Architects (he is a corporate member), American Society of Civil Engineers, Construction Management Association of America, and Conference of Minority Transportation Officials. He is also a member of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer, and a member of the Technical Advisory Council of the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Minority Contractors. He was inducted into the Order of the Engineer by the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia many years ago.

He is the first African immigrant to gain membership to the Union League of Philadelphia, an elite organization of influential and successful business people. He has been an active member of the Business Leadership Forum for the past 20 years. Only recently he was honored at the Union League of Philadelphia and was included in the Union League of Philadelphia’s member portrait albums.