Addo Project Book ‘Through the Fire’ for Launch Tuesday


Addo Project, a group of women inspired by the need to come together and develop projects that will inspire Nigerians, will today launch its first book, “Through the Fire,” at the Institute of Directors, Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos by 9a.m.

“Through the Fire,” among other things, tells the stories of 32 different Nigerian women who lost their husbands and how they coped afterwards, advises on the psychological effect of a loss such as this, provides legal and financial advice as well as provides a list of organisations and support groups for widows in Nigeria. The primary target readers of this book will be women in the lower income bracket. However it is a book for all us and will be available in paperback, hardback and e-book formats.

The Coordinator, Addo Project, Mrs. Sandra Oyewole, said: “Addo Project means, project to inspire and that is what a group of ladies have come together to do. The group aims essentially to come up with projects that inspire people and the first event for Addo Project is the launch of our book, titled, “Through the Fire.”

The idea for the book, Oyewole said, came about six years ago with the main idea to essentially come up with a book that will inspire women who have lost their husbands.

“During the course of the project, the idea and concept for the book evolved and ultimately, we settled for what we have today, ‘Through the Fire,’” she said. Through the Fire, Oyewole explained further, is a tool book and a guide, not just for women who have lost their husbands but also for the general public.

“There is something in that book for everybody – women, men and even the unmarried; whether you are bereaved or not there is something in that book for you. You may not yet have experienced the lost, there something in that book for you. You may have families members and friends that have experienced the lost; there are elements in that book for everybody,” she noted.