Fidelity Bank, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State



By Nume Ekeghe

This branch is situated in the heart of the state capital and surrounded by both old and new generation banks. But this branch stands out from the others.
For instance, this reporter who visited the state capital needed to pay for flight tickets but was told by some other banks close by that they could not carry out this transaction. The Fidelity Bank branch executed this transaction seamlessly.
But inside this branch, which is big and has a spacious banking hall, there were four tellers stationed on the right once you enter hall, three customer service personnel on the left and further left the room for bulk payments. The services at this branch were good. The tellers were fast in attending to customers and one of the tellers Mr. Onwuka stood out from others.
He was very polite to customers, he made an extra effort in being friendly and generally ensured the customers he attended to had a pleasant banking experience. However, the customer service was just fair. They were not as friendly as the tellers. Also observed was three out of four ATM machines were walking.  This branch is well functioning branch and should be emulated by others. The management of this branch should keep up the good work.