Only God’s Judgment Shall Prevail, Declares Ayade


By Bassey Inyang in Calabar

Governor of Cross River State, Prof Ben Ayade, was yesterday received by a tumultous crowd at Calabar from Abuja. 

 The mammoth crowd who turned out in their thousands at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport Calabar, had taken positions as early as 7:am to show their support for the governor.

 The crowed bore inscriptions, “Welcome back our beloved governor, we are behind you”, “Your Excellency, you will surely prevaile”, “Our digital governor, no shaking”, “Our well elected governor, you have conquered, nothing do”, said it was at the airport to demonstrate to the governor that he was not alone, adding that the storm shall surely pass.

 It noted that what Governor Ayade was experiencing was just a phase of life that will make him a better leader and achiever for Cross River.

 According to the throng of supporters, “Cross River is definitely going to be great under your watch as governor. It is God who rules in the affairs of men and no one can alter what God has destined. He has destined you and Cross River for greatness.” 

 Addressing the crowd after alighting from an Air Peace airline, Ayade enjoined the people to remain steadfast and prayerful in order to gain God’s salvation and freedom.

 His words: “No one can put God down. God knows our heart, I want you all to be strong with me in prayers. Let us fast and pray to God for only in Him shall we have salvation and freedom.”

 Assuring that the people of Cross River had a heritage that was akin to a people who love each other, the governor said: “Let God’s judgement prevail for He is wonderful and shall not forsake us at this point. Let us take our cry to Him for He sees the heart.”

 The governor who explained that he decided to go into the deepest and finest idea to completely decouple the state from its dependence on federal allocation averred that, God will not stop those great dreams and projects which are aimed at boosting the economy and creating jobs.

 “Today, that impossible seaport has been designed, that impossible seaport has been completely restructured to the extent that we have gone further to 16 metres. The superhighway completely designed, the route path completely surveyed and fully opened up, just ready for final approval for construction to start,” Ayade explained.

Continuing, the governor revealed that “I came into this office under the inspiration of God and I will only do that,  which can help my people”. 

God shall take control, God shall establish himself, the Lion of Judah shall conquer because truly in the name of God, I am totally innocent and God knows the truth.”

 Recalling his earlier pledge during inauguration that no child shall go to bed on an empty stomach, Ayade said: “That is why I focus on salaries, that small insignificant salaries in spite of our allocations,” adding that “God brought me for a purpose and He will not disgrace us nor send us out in shame.”

 Dedicating the day to God, the governor prayed that “if indeed I came to serve and came with a good intention, if indeed I know no sleep because of the people of Cross River State, God will go ahead of us.”

He further enjoined the crowd to “worry no more and cry no more,” pointing out that, “if the worst happens, it is God’s will, we have no capacity to appeal at this level, we only appeal to God that knows the heart and the case in question.”