Consumers Praise Power Oil on  Sustained Initiative 


Consumers turned out enmasse to honour this year’s Power oil ‘pay with calories 3.0’,an annual  consumer activation  programme  of the firm to encourage a lifestyle that will aid and maintain a healthy heart status,even as they commended the organisation for its fidelity. 

The firm had three years ago,when its kicked off the initiative,promised to make it a yearly affair and has so far ,kept its words even as its owns that a  healthy lifestyle should be habitual.

The  initiative which is also in commemoration of the annual World Heart Day was observed simultaneously in   Lagos and Ibadan and  attracted huge and excited crowd who were curious to have a feel of  treadmills so as to burn calories. Participants were also rewarded based on the amount of calories they were able to  burn, with free medical check-ups made available  on the spot.

According to the firm’s  Brand Manager, Disha Argawal,the initiative  is to  promote healthy living by encouraging Nigerians to pay more attention to their body and be cautious about  what they consume so as to live long.

“We try to advice against the consumption of low-quality or sub-standard cooking oil, which on the long run puts consumers at risk of heart related diseases and other health hazards”

Public Relations Manager of the company , Omotayo Azeez, noted that common and daily challenges like  struggling to strike a balance between work pressure and home front, keeping sedentary lifestyles and coping with other salient life demands and frequent lifestyle  join hands with other issues to make healthy living such as eating good food and visiting the gym, a dream unachievable for many.

As a result of this,Azeez said, “we deemed  it fit to come up with  various supporting initiatives to inspire consumers to take good care of their health such as the Mother’s Day Activity, Walk-Heart -on  Heart Health Mission as well as Power oil   sponsored  weekly program which invites  health specialists to include :nutritionists, fitness trainers, medical practitioners to advice consumers on health related matters.