‘Economic Situation Affecting Health of Nigerians’


Martins Ifijeh

The present economic downturn, loss of jobs, pay cuts, inability to feed families, increased hunger and lack of basic amenities are major reasons for the increased prevalence of non communicable diseases in Nigeria, the Medical Director, Divine Medical Centre, Dr. Gregory Osagie has said.

He said the situation, which has increased the stress level in the country, was putting pressure on both the old and the young, adding that today, the elderly and young people were being diagnosed with high blood pressure and other forms of communicable diseases.

Speaking during the free medical consultation on cardiology, oncology and neurosurgery by specialists from Medanta Hospital, India, in partnership with Divine Medical Centre, Dr. Osagie said the fact that people were not sick of malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, among others, does not mean they were healthy, noting that mental and psychological stress could also be regarded as medical conditions.

“About 80 per cent of the stress Nigerians are going through is economic, hence there is need for government to mitigate the impact by providing all the basic things needed for comfort. Government should bring up genuine policies that will reduce poverty in the country, as well as find a way to tackle the economic situation,” he added.

On the part of the citizens, the general practitioner said Nigerians should stop celebrating corrupt people who deprive them of the basic things needed to live a fulfilling and healthy life.
“Nigerians should stop paying lip service or celebrating corrupt persons. They should be regarded as outcasts, otherwise, their decisions in one way or the other will continue to affect our health,” he added.

On his part, a cardiologist with Medanta Hospital, India, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Mishra said in line with its decision to provide professional assistance to Nigeria through healthcare, they were offering free consultation in the area of cardiology, oncology and neurosurgery to Nigerians.

According to him, the exercise will help most of those screened to take steps in addressing their health needs. “For those who have health issues they were not aware of, this will afford them the opportunity to take care of it on time.”

The cardiologist called on Nigerians to engage in healthy lifestyle, as this would help them prevent non communicable diseases. “Inactivity, too much of calorie intake, taking of junk food, smoking, and other unhealthy lifestyle have been fingered as some of the factors responsible for the increase in non communicable diseases.