Nigerian Gas Association, Seven Energy Partner to Boost Gas Development


Ejiofor Alike

The Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) and Seven Energy have pledged to cooperate and boost Nigerian gas development.

Speaking in Lagos when the executive members of NGA visited his company’s head office, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Seven Energy, Jeff Corey noted that his company and the association have shared objectives.

“We have a lot of shared objectives. Even though we have some oil operations, our focus is domestic gas and our gas operations are integrated from production, processing, transport to sales”, Corey said.

Corey stated that gas infrastructure, which is one of the areas Seven Energy focused on, is highly needed in Nigeria, adding that success can be accomplished in this area with external funding along with government funding.

While acknowledging that attracting infrastructure funds to Nigeria is not always easy, he pointed out that Seven Energy has been successful in raising capital, including private equity investment for Nigerian gas infrastructure development.

“It is important for Nigeria’s future that Seven Energy is successful because we have proven a good avenue to bring in international capital”, Corey added.

The Seven Energy’s Chief Operating Officer called on NGA to also direct its advocacy towards the development of new gas basins like the Anambra basin, which has some gas discoveries that have never been developed.

“There is little encouragement in policies and regulations to encourage people to develop Anambra basin. The basin will open a whole new area to have gas supply for power and industrial use”, he said.

Also speaking, the President of NGA, Mr. Bolaji Osunsanya lauded Seven Energy for its accomplishments in the gas sector especially for “showing a new business model for the gas sector”.

Osunsanya said that NGA was a broad-based association that pushes sector critical issues to stakeholders in a non-partisan way that is devoid of self-interest.