SAP Partners TwinTech on Cloud Based Solutions


Ugo Aliogo

As part of efforts to improve Human Resource (HR) practice amongst companies, and organisations in Nigeria, one of the leading multi-nationals companies in cloud solutions and Information Technology (IT), Systems Applications Product (SAP) has partnered TwinTech Services to roll out a new cloud based solution programme known as Successfactors.

Speaking at the media roundtable in Lagos recently, the Channel Development Manager of SAP, AyokanmiAyuba, said the cloud solution was aimed at transforming the way organisations carry out their HR businesses and responsibilities, adding that with the changing roles of HR it has become very strategic in companies therefore, there is need to improve the way HR operations are done.

She explained that TwinTech as a partner firm is committed to driving improved growth in HR practice in Nigeria through the cloud based solutions, stressing that in the Nigeria technological space, cloud solutions are still growing, “successfactors require fewer infrastructures, and it is a subscription based model.”

Ayuba added that the cloud solution contains all necessary value chain information that would be useful to organisations in the areas of HR management such as the workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance and goals, compensation, succession and development, and SAP JAM social collaboration.

She said: “You don’t have to invest in severs, networking and other hardware devices if you were to implement the solutions on premise (inhouse). Nigeria is due for cloud solution. A lot of our personal information is stored in the cloud. The country is at an environment which is witnessing digital transformation and the revolutionary power of the social media in helping people do businesses better.

“Success factor is a good solution because it manages the employee. The solution has been around for a long time in Europe, Asia and America. Technology has improved, and every time there is an upgrade to mitigate the security concerns of people as regards the use of technology.

“The first challenge for us here is to disabuse the minds of people about the insecurity threats they might have about using the cloud solution. There are a lot fire walks in place so that data is secured. We are positioned for the growth of cloud computing in Nigeria. The country is positioned for cloud adaption and digital transformation.”
One of the Managing Partners of the TwinTech, Mr. TaiwoAlli expressed disappointment that the practice of HR in Nigeria has been slow especially in the areas of growth, because of the fear investment of human resource technology solutions in Nigeria.

Alli noted that most companies in the country are not willing to spend money in technology, adding that most organisations believe in cheap labour to carry out their services, which he noted provides opportunities for fraud and other challenges.

He said: “Investing in successfactors will save a lot of infrastructural costs for the user especially in terms of buying severs and engaging the developers to install the application. All that is required is for them to come to us, state the number of users they need. Then we will give them the license and implementation cost. We might to be in the site for either a week or two and gather the requirements and go back to build the system for them.
“Everything is going to be delivered from SAP data centre. This implies that we will gain access to data centre on behalf of customers to build their own subset of customised cloud solution for them based on the requirement provided to us.”