PDP Reconciliation Inevitable, Says Makarfi


Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The Chairman of the National Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi, has said peaceful reconciliation is the best way to end the current crisis rocking the party.

He described the current crisis in the party as a baptism, of fire noting that he has no doubt that the opposition party will come out stronger.

Makarfi ‘s position came on the heels of the insistence by factional National Chairman, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff that he only accept a peace deal that is in line with the PDP Constitution.
Speaking at a press briefing on Abuja yesterday, the PDP leader said the party is committed to reconciliation if all the interest groups in the party.

Makarfi said even if the party is victorious in court, there would still be need for reconciliation, stating that the party is making serious efforts to resolve the crisis in the party. However, he said such reconciliation must be based on rational demands.

The PDP Caretaker Committee Chairman said the committee is not about themselves and , therefore it will do anything the generality of PDP members want.

“Not only shall we rise and run. We shall rise and fly. We are doing everything possible. Even if you are victorious in court, you still need to come home and do reconciliation. So. It is better if we can achieve that before instead of leaving it to litigation to settle down.

“We are not representing ourselves. Whatever the party wants, we will do. We don’t have personal interest in this matter. We listen to the opinions of the overwhelming members of the PDP.

“Reconciliation is something you talk less about. Because certain action being taken if you talk about, it you will indirectly be undermining the process. We are open to the reconciliation.
There must be flexibility when you are talking of reconciliation. And of course the overwhelming views of majority of the members, even who ever you may classify as minority cannot also not also be ignored, you must make concession here and the thee and “I believe that the party is ready to do that. But that will be the basis of rational and reasonable demands. So that we can all work as one family,” he said.

Similarly, the secretary of caretaker committee, Senator Ben NdiObi said the committee is committed to restoring the party to its past glory.

“We deeply committed in making sure that the PDP comes back to its old self. That is what the chairman has been busy doing in the last three four weeks, meeting various leaders across the country in search for peace.

He noted that the country needs to be rescued and needs the active involvement of a strong and united PDP.