FG, Doctors to Hold Exhibition Showcasing the Health Sector

By Martins Ifijeh
The Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria and the Guild of Medical Directors are holding an exhibition and conference to showcase happenings in the health sector.
The exhibition which will take place on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of September, has its theme, ‘All Things Medical’.
A renowned neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Director of the first private neurosurgical centre in Nigeria, Memphys, Professor Sam Ohaegbulam, said the exhibition was timely as information and statistics about what is available in Nigeria should be known to the citizens, as this would help build a viable and functional healthcare system.
“People keep asking, where can we do this or that in Nigeria? Or who can do this procedure or that operation in Nigeria? Then, they say, we did not know that this was available in Nigeria. For those who do not have enough information, they end up patronising dangerous establishments and charlatans.”
Citing example, Ohaegbulem revealed that the Ogun State government has closed three hospitals in Ifo Local Government Area after two pregnant women died due to lack of competence by the hospitals.
According to the neurosurgeon, “there is the issue with medical tourism. Doctors have highlighted the dangers of going to places such as India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Egypt for medical treatment. They pointed out the problems of traveling to these countries without proper information about the doctors, their qualifications and experience. In effect, running to India is not the solution, especially if what you need is in Sokoto.”
Also in his remarks, the Medical Director, Alliance Hospital, Abuja, Dr. Chris Otabor, emphasised the need for more information about high quality healthcare personnel and facilities in Nigeria.
“We need positive documentation of the good practices and an end to the bad practices. We have to help our health centres, government hospitals or even private hospitals to be the best they can be.
He added that Nigeria needs a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) that is effective so that all citizens can receive reasonable health care.
Otabor stressed that with an effective national health Insurance, more revenue would be available to healthcare and hospitals across Nigeria will be better equipped to provide modern services.
Also lending his voice, a neurosurgeon, Spine Fixed, Abuja, Dr BiodunOgungbo, identified many specialist hospitals which provide specialist care in Nigeria.
For instance, he said, “locally here in Abuja, there are a few hospitals you should know about. Zenith Kidney Centre does just that: looks after your kidneys and performs dialysis/kidney transplants as you may require. Kelina Hospital in Gwarinpa is a foremost urology centre in Abuja with state-of-the-art. Similarly, Chivar Hospital is also well equipped with highly trained personnel and equipment for your prostate troubles. “
 According to him, people who have infertility issues can be rest assured at Nordica Fertility Clinic and Bridge Clinic who have helped thousands of women complete their families.
“Specialist gynaecological centres such as Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja, SouthshoreWomens’ Clinic in Lagos and King’s Care Hospital in Abuja provide great care and sort out women’s troubles. Eye problems are the focus of Eye Foundation and Florida Eye Clinic. You see?
“In terms of orthopaedics, Alliance Hospital and Cedarcrest Hospitals fix broken bones expertly. They also do joint replacements if you need a new knee or hip. Spine Fixed in Abuja is a small clinic specializing in spine surgery helping people of all ages, with a variety of back, neck and spine conditions, lead pain free, healthy lives again. They have expertise in treatment of spine fractures, spinal cord injuries, and tumors of the spine.
“Federal Medical Centre, Jabi has improved services in the public sector immeasurably and the trauma unit of the National Hospital is a great place to be: if you need their help. Help with drugs and materials also come from Nemex, GSK, Emzor Pharmaceuticals and many other high class organisations and companies like GE, JNCI and Zitadel supporting the healthcare industry. Who has not heard of Dokilink, Nigeria Health Watch, Tonia Pharmacy or H-Medix?
“Prompt Home Health provides high-quality, professional homecare services to adults and children in the comfort of the home. They are partners in the continuum of care for hospitals and doctors.“
Ogungbo said the exhibition and conference, and many other efforts all over the country, was the first step to empowering the people and saving lives in the country.
The managing director, Prompt Home Health Services, Abuja, Mr. Mike Okoye, stated that this exhibition will focus on the best medical care and technological support enterprises in Nigeria.
He said, “The major idea being to provide critical information and promote what we have to stem capital flight. Finally, attracting medical tourism into Nigeria is the way forward.”