Ardent World Launches Anti-Aging Skin Products


Martins Ifijeh

In its pursuit to help the womenfolk achieve perfection in skin care, Ardent World Inc. (AWI), a global cosmetics company has introduced a wide range of natural based cosmetics products which it said can correct the anomalies and guarantee a nourished, healthy and beautiful look.

Speaking on the products, Olivia Okaka, Brand Manager , Sinai Co. Ltd., sole distributors of the products in Nigeria, said the products which contain Moringa-O² and Glutathione and are duly registered with NAFDAC, do not have side effects.

She said, “We know lots of promises have been made by other brands and most of them have been broken. We believe in beauty achieved with nature.

“We are aware of the concerns of women and we have heard their cries against the damage caused by harmful products on their skin and that is why we are proud to introduce our range of products which are natural based cosmetics products manufactured by Ardent World Inc. (AWI), of which we are the exclusive distributors of the various brands of their beauty products in Africa.

She said that the product was a combination of Glutathione and Vitamin-C which are natural powerful toning actives and antioxidants that safely and intensely tone the skin and fight radicals that cause pre-mature aging.

“Combination of Vitamin C and glutathione helps Vitamin C to balance glutathione level in our bodies for a nourished, healthy and beautiful look,” she said.

She also said the antioxidant agents such as Glutathione and Vitamin C plus collagen work at multiple levels to achieve maximum skin toning and address the issues of hyper pigmentation.
“These anti-oxidants help remove blemishes, reduces skin fine lines, dullness, wrinkles and age spots.”

Okaka also said the company’s brand of intense toning body lotion which contains SPF 25 prevents skin damage caused by the sun and environmental stress, adding that it is also known for its quick efficacy.