MoveMe Redefines Online Business with Additional Services


MoveMe, an online and offline logistics firm, has berthed in Lagos with a mission to transform the landscape of businesses in Nigeria.

The composite moving platform edges out its competitors with its premium service that delivers beyond moving of items alone to assisting customers with chores such as fixing and arranging of items, cleaning as well as carrying out Installations of all kinds.

According to the firm’s Director of Operations, Tony Aka, the task of relocating could be stressful especially with its packing and unpacking process as well as the risk that goes with it such as loss or damage of valuables.

“That is why we have introduced an impeccable system to make your home transition affordable, safe, fast and reliable. The MoveMe concept was borne out of the need to make transition to a new abode stress free and worthwhile”, Aka explained.

Aka noted that while the physical office was very much intact, the firm had also maintained an online platform, to make relocation easier such that individuals or organisations intending to move into a new apartment or office space could demand for their services anywhere with a tap on their internet connected device.

Move-Me aims to serve as the best indigenous logistics company in Africa and hopes to diversify in the health verticals in the nearest future.