Smartphone Phone  for Everyone—Tecno  Consolidates Markets Share with Mobile Products that Target Market Segments


When a brand understands its markets peculiarities and implements top-to-bottom strategiesto address the needs of its various markets, this strategic move could be a major decider for controlling huge market stakes—something bullish big corporations tend to do really well.

Marketing experts across the globe tend to agree with market segmentation as the key to growing appreciable market shares for brands. The argument has always been that the strategy helps a brand better tailor its services and/or products to consumer preferences across its interest markets. For TECNO in the past decade, segmenting the market has been at the heart of the multinational’s R&D department rollout of the continent’s successful flagships: TECNO Boom and TECNO Camon series.

“Clearly, the huge successes which the Camon C8 smartphone recorded last year (2015) gave the TECNO smartphone brand a fantastic boost. The flagship garnered regional awards and reviews which also strongly reflected in the brand’s sales of its mid-range products.

This year (2016), TECNO has tried to consolidate on C8 gains with the release of the TECNO Camon C9boasting camera upgrades-hopefully to ride on market acceptance of the product line” says a top African tech blogger.

The mid-end is not the only niche TECNO is making efforts to differentiate its products to win over smartphone consumers with tailored specification needs. In the last four years, the TECNO brand has continually evolved its high-end flagship, the Phantom series.

TECNO Phantom series match premium specifications with value for exchange
In this era of super smartphones with huge specs upgrades and commensurately heavy price tag, the TECNO Phantom series have createda balance between delivering top-end specifications and pegging retail value. We have seen upgrades in TECNO Phantom series from full metal body to octa-core processor, Hi-Fi audio compatibility, low light cameras,fingerprint technology, etc., which are unique upgrades spotted on some of the most expensive smartphones in the market while the TECNO Phantoms have kept a level head.

“I think what TECNO is trying to do with its Phantom product line is a brand differentiation in the luxury market niche. Luxury consumers are paying attention to the brand’s attention to detail and material design—I think the appeal for TECNO Phantom as a high-end is starting to grow,” says a leading Nigerian tech-journalist.

TECNO market share
TECNO market share across Africa’s six major markets: Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopiahave hovered around 23.7% in the last three years with the brand’s mid-ends leading the pack in market adoption. However,the multinational hopes to reposition its premium flagship, the Phantom series with the launch of new TECNO Phantom 6 and 6 Plus and tighten its hold on the markets by growing consumer adoption of its high-end product line.