Is the Present Administration Meeting Your Expectations?


Many Nigerians are complaining that the present administration under President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to fulfil their campaign promises, and that life has even become more difficult for the people. However, others argue that it will still take a longer time to correct the mess left behind by previous administrations, to pave the way to deliver the expected dividends of democracy. To you, has this administration met your expectations yet or disappointed you?


* The major area I want them to solve is the power sector because it would create jobs.
– Mr. Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, Coordinator, CDHR, Aniocha South, Delta State

* No, our high hopes and confidence are unfortunately dashed. We are devastated as virtually all the campaign promises remain unfulfilled even after one of the usual four years has swiftly rolled by without any significant impacts. In fact the economic situation individually and generally has crumbled from bad to worse with frightening poverty, occasioned by inflation, insecurity, corruption, hunger e.t.c. nationwide. Attention to agriculture must proactively involve the grassroots through micro-financing urgently since that is the focal point. Life is waning miserably and must be checked now.
– Miss Apeji Patience Eneyeme, Badagry, Lagos State

* The question really is: were there any expectations in me as such at the time this administration got off the starting blocks? Truthfully, I cannot say yes! However, this is not to say its actions do not affect me as a resident of Nigeria. I will conclude by saying, please raise your game, PMB.
– Mr. E. Iheanyi Chukwudi, B.A.R. Associates, Apo, Abuja

* What is Nigeria doing to protect indigenous companies? Why has Nigeria banned rice importation before local rice production can meet domestic demand? Yet, it allows dumping of imported tomato paste when our local manufacturers can in a short time meet domestic demand. If we are serious about attracting investors into Nigeria, we must improve the tariffs on imported tomato paste so our indigenous companies can survive. Rice importation should not be abandoned until we can reach 80 per cent production. Meanwhile, local rice should be subsidised because it is laughable that the difference between the foreign and local one is a mere N50. Besides, why should local rice be so expensive when you don’t need the dollar to buy it?
– Mr. Buga Dunj, Jos, Plateau State

* It has been disappointment upon disappointment. They are fond of pointing an accusing finger to the past government, forgetting that the remaining four fingers are pointing to them.
– Mrs. Patricia Enahoro, Lagos

* Somehow as the corrupt ones among the so-called rich ones among us are exposed halfway as only money is recovered and they are set free. As the expected disciplined regime in the country, there is great disunity, as we have ethnicity, tribalism, religious differences, sectionalism and poverty on the increase. This is never my or our expectations in PMB administration; there is total disunity in the country today that even the ruling APC are in factions. What a shame!
– Hon. Babale Maiungwa, U/Romi, Kaduna

* This administration doesn’t meet my expectations. We need something better than this.
– Mr. Daji Sani, Yola, Adamawa State

* Leadership selection in our environment is different, some cabals have cornered for themselves to pick or select aspiring politicians on our behalf that appear either strangely or reluctantly uncomfortable in pushing forward to implementing reforms. Only individuals that meet relevant criteria, qualification, knowledge, experience, vision, skills, wisdom, e.t.c. are for such positions. Such people may not be tele-guided, amenable or pushed around as their benefactors expect, whether they possess or lack vital criteria or skills set to deliver expectations and promises.
– Mr. Dogo Stephen, Kaduna

* Even school children meals are affected; please let change be change, my fellow Nigerians.
– Mr. Kola Adeniyi, Ilaro, Ogun State

* Frankly speaking, the administration has failed the expectations of Nigerians. Prior to their assumption into office, they promised Nigerians so much, but they have fulfilled very little. They have refused to admit their incompetence; instead they are heaping the myriads of blames on the past administration. Too bad, this blame game will not work. They need to establish a clear-cut policy direction.
– Mr. Aliogo Ugochukwu, Lagos State

* I really didn’t expect much from this administration; sadly, even in the little expectations of just getting by they have failed woefully. Even worse still is their complete lack of any coordinating centre. No direction. No idea. No vision. Hence no Hope!
– Mr. Abimbolu Ogunbanwo, Lagos State

* If truth be told, there is a disconnect between what was promised and what is presently unfolding. Nigerians voted en masse for the APC because they believed there would be a departure from the PDP’s corrupt status quo. The present reality has left a sour taste in an already bruised mouth.
– Mr. John Ogunsemore, Lagos State

* No, it has not.
– Mr. Mark Clement, Abuja

* Human expectations are usually many, and especially under a harsh economy. The present administration came into power on a wave of popular appeal and its promise of change for the better, which combined to generate huge expectations from Nigerians. In fact, it has been far harder to deliver those goals promised by the government of the day. However, there is still time for PMB to make amend and really get cracking, beyond his almost singular focus on fighting corruption. A boost in agriculture and power supply can help him greatly.
– Mr. Olumuyiwa Olorunsomo, Lagos State

* If you know any corrupt man or woman in this government, fish them out or tell the Nigerian people. Don’t blame Baba (PMB), he is trying his best.
– Prince Adebisi Ataiyero, Gwagwalada, Abuja F.C.T

* Yes, PMB’s administration is on course and doing great, considering the rather complex, otiose, comatose and overwhelmingly negative challenges thwarting elusively the well-intended efforts of our current patriotic kitchen cabinet team under PMB. We still need some more patience, unity, cooperation, patriotism e.t.c. and not being too perspicacious. The efforts and results on ground so far portray signs of genuine hope.
– Mr. Apeji Onesi, Lagos

* The PMB administration is on the right track. The truth is that things cannot get better almost immediately. It is a gradual process. Nigerians should be more patient and keep hope alive.
– Pastor Bass, Maitama, Abuja

* The President has not met my expectations though he has good intentions. He has sacrificed merit for ethnic, political, religious and sectional sentiments. He needs to have a large heart and listening ears so as to be fair to all parts of the country as well as make use of our best hands.
– Mr. Pacer Aderinkomi, Surulere, Lagos

* What Nigerians are passing through now is due to past government mistakes of not saving for the rainy day like this, back when oil was sold for $120 per barrel. Nigerians should not blame much of our suffering on this present government because they are doing their best to end the suffering. Diversification of the economy is welcome, but the results will not come overnight. Despite the current challenges, Nigeria will still reach her promised land in development and sufficient food production soon enough.
– Mr. Gordon Chika Nnorom, Public Commentator, Umukabia, Abia State


Yes, it has: 2
No, it has not: 7
Others: 10
Radical tip: Hope is dashed!
Total no of respondents: 19
Male: 17
Female: 2
Highest location: Lagos (8)

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Many Nigerians are disillusioned with the present administration under PMB, because rather than improve their livelihoods as promised in an era of change, things have actually worsened. Some analysts expect PMB to drop the winner-takes-all mentality and recruit experts and technocrats even from opposition parties to help revive the economy. At the risk of sabotage, can the President afford to hire ‘enemies’ to help him deliver the gains of democracy and vital development to the long-suffering citizens?

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