LIFE Holds Book Reading Session for Students


A non-governmental organisation focused on youth empowerment, Leadership, Inspiration, Family and Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Initiative recently organised a book reading session for youths in Eti-Osa area of Lagos at Laterna Ventures, Victoria Island.

The session featured was presided over by the writer of the fastest selling teen book in the area ‘Power Teens Success Habits’, Obafemi George, who is also the Principal Initiator of the NGO. The book reveals the success principles used by the author that can be adopted by the teens to ensure success in their different goals.

While reading to the youths, George encouraged them to believe in themselves using the story of Walt Disney as an example. He urged them to dream and write down goals they wish to achieve in 20 years, saying that with vision and action, goals would lead to victories.

He said the illustration of a football match in chapter three of the book describes goal setting as essential to achieving success. Life without it is likened to a football match with no goal post, where the player keeps playing but strikes no goal and no win.

He also explained that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART), adding that painting a clear picture helps one get to the destination faster.

George encouraged the youth to have a mentor, one who will not molest or exploit but lead them to the right path; keep good company because that sustains or rejects good habits; act on their goals, having stickability which means to remain focus on the plan, eye on the prize.

He also advised them to give themselves positive talks every morning, encouraging and cheering themselves; and to surmount whatever challenge they may encounter despite fear, as the challenges are only false experiences appearing real.

The book is available at Laterna Ventures and University of Lagos Bookstore.