Expert Harps on Impact of Creating Brand Influence


Chinazor Megbolu

The General Manager, Ipsos, Mr. Steve Spicer has said that creating brand Influence course, has a bigger impact on others.

He explained that visionary brands go well beyond selling a product or service.
“They are founded on a sense of purpose – or ‘why’ – that establishes stronger emotional connections with people. In addition, new technologies have opened up ways to listen to what consumers want, “he said.

Spicer, who made the remark in Lagos recently noted that
brands that use the troves of data to their benefit have more relevance than ever before due to the influence in their lives, and in the world, cannot be overstated.

On what it takes to build this kind of influence, he said the firm conducted a comprehensive programme of research to measure and rank the most influential brands in Nigeria and around the globe. “With a wealth of data to draw upon, we have much to share about what brands have influence, and where, why, and how they are trending. There are important lessons to learn for all brands – both big and small”, he said.

Spicer further hinted that being influential means having an impact on people’s lives.
According to him, “We place a tremendous degree of trust in these brands, and give them the power to guide how we shop, interact, and behave.

“Influential brands have aspirational qualities, too. They offer a gateway to a better, more interesting life by giving people the tools to make smart choices.

“The Most Influential Brands are important and relevant in the world. Consumers identify with these brands and have an emotional relationship with them. They couldn’t imagine their lives without them. Achieving any of these things is no easy task.”