Governor Tambuwal’s New Wife, Mairo Mustapha, Is Expectant


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Amother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside her womb. Ask Mairo Mustapha, wife of Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto , she knows. Only Aminu and his wife, Mairo know what it is about their union that drives them to perpetuate one of the most enviable and durable signs of love. It is simply romantic to see the couple holding hands or sharing smiles in public, oblivious to the world and its many distractions. Mario got married to Tambuwal early this year in a private wedding ceremony in Sokoto. And to prove their commitment and abiding love for each other, Mairo, we gathered, is expecting Tambuwal’s baby. The ever-smiling Mairo is completely besotted by her hubby and says this baby is evidence of their made-in-heaven love affair.

Like a house on a mountain top, seen from far and near, and held in awe by passersby, excellence and steady progress of individuals or corporate bodies attract attention of all. The attraction could be in admiration for or a twinge of envy for progress recorded. For Heritage Bank, the numbers are good. Its first full year results since it commenced operation, according to its audited financial statement, showed a profit before tax of N1.5 billion for the operating year ended 2015.

The audited financial statement, representing its first full operating year since its acquired former Enterprise Bank Plc in October 2014 further showed that the bank recorded gross earnings of N24.2 billion in the year under review. Its net interest income stood at N12.2 billion while profit after tax was N1.1 billion. The bank also attracted N312 billion as deposit from customers during the period while its total assets stood at N483.4 billion as at the end of 2015.
Then came a false allegation about its ownership. What started like mere gossip soon began to assume a life of its own.

And suddenly, the uninformed began to peddle such wicked falsehood as truth. They alleged that Senate President Bukola Saraki co-owns the bank, premising the allegation on the bank’s roots in Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria (SGBN). Yes, the bank traces its roots to 1989 when it was founded as Societe Generale Bank (Nigeria) (SGBN) by the late Dr. Olusola Saraki. father of Senate President Bukola Saraki. But truth is ever constant. The truth in this particular case is that in January 2006, SGBN was closed down by the Central Bank on account of failure to meet new minimum capital requirements of N25 billion for a national bank. Of course, that sanction was successfully challenged in court and in 2012, the apex bank re-issued SGBN’s banking license, but mandated it to operate as a regional bank. That same year, the core investor, IEI Plc, through IEI Investments Limited, acquired the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria licence from the CBN. It also rebranded as Heritage Bank and reopened for business under the new name in 2013.

After fulfilling all required criteria, the bank returned 100 per cent of existing SGBN account holders’ money to their owners. That effectively ended the ownership of the Sarakis in the bank as they were paid off out rightly. Today, The Senate President Saraki does not have a kobo in the bank to qualify him as co-owner.

RASAQ OKOYAEven the wealth of the wealthy ones offers them no shield against death. As it claims the commoner, so does it claim the affluent. This bitter nugget proved to be true as death visited the household of the Onibudos. Again, death has silenced the cadence of the day with the quiet of the night. It has claimed the life of Chief Ahmed Onibudo, a popular Lagos High Chief. Lagos, Nigeria’s expansive commercial nerve centre, recently stood still as natives and visitors alike struggled with shock and the misery of losing one of the city and Nigeria’s veteran socialite.

At family meals spent wordlessly and prayer sessions observed mournfully in his wake, intense emotions spilled over as the crème of the country’s political elite and even Lagosians of the coastal city’s backwaters grieved and paid homage to an established socialite. The lamentations, among other things, reflect how a people’s champion impacted on lives and how his star would continue to shine, even in death. A few days ago, Nigeria’s high society was thrown into mourning over the death of Onibudo. Asipa Ahmed Onibudo was the Chairman of Peninsula Resort Limited, Budo Farms and Budo Specialist Hospital.

Family and friends converged penultimate Wednesday at the 8th day Fidau prayers held at the deceased’s Budo Court residence, Peninsula Resort drive, Ajiwe-Ajah, Lagos. The popular Lagos socialite’s final burial will hold after 40 days. Throughout his life, Onibudo retained his essential humility and a sense of perspective and proportion. He was as gracious as he was polite, and immensely liked.
Indeed, the Lagos in-crowd has been thrown into deep mourning over his death. Onibudo died at the ripe age of 77. Death may have ended his time with all but it cannot end the relationship all had with him.