FIRS Seals Senator Akume’s Hotel over Unpaid Taxes


Abimbola Akosile

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), has sealed off Haf Haven Hotel, located at 24 Atiku Abubakar Way, Makurdi, over unpaid taxes. The hotel is owned by Senator George Akume and his wife, Regina.

Leader of the FIRS enforcement team, Chinazor Edeh, said the hotel owes taxes totaling N13.5 million since 2011. The debt is made up of Company Income Tax, Education Tax, Withholding Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

A management staff of the hotel, Mrs. Margaret Hinger, phoned Akume’s wife, wanting her to speak with Edeh, who insisted that unless full payment of the tax liabilities was made, the hotel would be sealed.

“I am duty-bound to seal off the hotel and I am under instruction not to speak with anyone on phone. Please, pay the money, so we can leave your premises,” Edeh said.

The team ordered the hotel to discharge its guests, while staff closed for the day. The hotel was subsequently sealed.
The enforcement team also shut Treaties Bukka at Old Oturkpo Road, Makurdi. According to a warrant, the eatery is owing N52 million in Withholding Tax and VAT from 20013 to 2015. The same fate befell Gwalina Suites Nigeria Limited, which owes N4.4million in Withholding Tax and VAT.

Earlier in the week the FIRS sealed off the operational office of Skyjet Aviation Services Limited, located at the Kaduna International Airport. The aviation firm owes N178.4million in Company Income Tax and Withholding Tax.