Peak Drives New Food Campaign on Consumption


For most Nigerian homes, milk is usually given a prominent place on the breakfast table because of its richness and nutritional benefits. But still, despite its near daily use as breakfast, its consumption is still very limited.
According to statistics by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Nigeria ranks low on global milk consumption chart. Nigeria’s per capita milk consumption in 2007 was only at 8.1kg as against 8.28kg in 2006 (do we have recent data?). This is even as 30kg is considered low by FAO standards.

But over the years, as Nigerians began to acquire more education and understand the health benefits of milk and its importance to their physical and physiological well being, milk has gained more acceptance in many more homes as there are new ways of using milk across their diets.

Spearheading a more versatile use of milk while deepening its consumption, Peak milk, Nigeria’s number 1 milk brand, has committed to increasing the awareness of the many usage opportunities of Peak milk.

With its Pecadomo – Peak can do more initiative- a concept which highlights and focuses on driving new usages for Peak milk, the popular milk brand continues to find ways to nourish Nigerians even in these tough times.

PeakCanDoMore campaign is set to drive, even more aggressively milk consumption in Nigeria by exploring newer and more innovative ways in which the product can be used other than the known traditional consumption patterns. The brand believes that this is an important intervention to continue to nourish Nigerians. As part of the initiative, PEAK MILK launched the ‘Art of Milk’ cooking competition which provided a unique platform for students in different secondary schools in Lagos to create different kinds of milk based meals.
This campaign is already gaining ground. Very modern and adventurous mums are already experimenting with Peak milk in foods other than the regulars.

Specifically, the Peak seafood fried rice which is a combination of rice, vegetables, seafood &new ingredient “Peak milk”. The meal is not only healthy but easy to prepare and is beginning to gain acceptance in some Nigerian homes.
It’s basically entails stir-frying rice cooked with milk with vegetables, seasoning & spices. It is a delicacy every member of the family would love as the inclusion of peak milk makes it richer & creamier.

The seafood can also be substituted with chicken or tofu for people allergic to seafood & vegetarians respectively.
The reason why milk rice is becoming popular in Nigerian homes is because it is not only rich in nutrient, but it is easy to cook and very pocket-friendly. More so, Nigerians love to eat rice, so, Peak seafood rice is just perfect. Apart from being a delicacy, it also enhances wellbeing with its attendant health benefits.