Pressure on NOC in Rio


Several Nigerians who have no business at the Games in Rio have flocked here all in the name of coming for the Olympics.

It was learnt that most of these officials who have no accreditations nor tickets to match venues are putting pressure on the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) officials to getting them to events.

“Some of them are the guests of top sports ministry officials. They have no tickets to watch events. All most them are doing is to wake up, stroll around Rio while others are busy shopping,” revealed a top federation officials who is irked by their presence.

When Team Nigeria returned from the Olympic in London four years ago with no medal, it was resolved that officials with no business at the Games are no longer going to be part of the country’s delegation in future.

But the situation here now with more delegations than athletes appears to have defeated the mantra of change preached by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.