LASG Begins Demolition of Buildings Under High Tension Installations Wednesday


Gboyega Akinsanmi

The Lagos State Government said at the weekend it would start demolishing all structures built under high tension cables in the state on Wednesday, noting that such buildings were illegal.

It added that its agencies would, henceforth, enforce applicable laws strictly by removing all development activities encroaching on the right of way of utilities and services.

This was contained in a statement by the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Anifowoshe Abiola, saying building on the right of way of high tension electricity cables “are dangerous, illegal and a source of serious concern to the state government.”

In the statement, Abiola said having residential buildings or conducting business under high tension power lines constitute a danger “to lives and properties that could have fatal consequences.

“The state’s Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law, 2010, not only prohibits building under the centre-line of over-head electricity wires, it also in very clear terms specifies the distance to be observed between a property and public utility such as the PHCN high tension cables.”

Further details later