FmACL Sensitises Community on Sanitation Culture


Peter Uzoho and Ugo Aliogo

FmAdabale Consulting Limited (FmACL) in partnership with Cadbury Nigeria weekend carried out a wellness and sanitation walk at Makoko community, Mainland, Lagos.

Briefing journalists on the essence of the exercise, Managing Consultant, FmACL, Mr. Olufemi Adabale, said the exercise was part of the Community Tour and Sensitisation (CTS), an initiative of the company used to contribute to the development of Lagos State.

“So the Community Tour and Sensitisation is an initiative of FmACL which we want to use to contribute our own quota towards the development of Lagos State,” Adabale said.

Speaking on what made the Makoko community to be on the map for the programme, Adabale said “Makoko happened to be one of the communities we’ve worked with and we discovered that when you’re coming to Makoko through Iwaya Road or through Adekunle Estate, you see dirt everywhere but, if you’re privileged to enter the houses and rooms of this people you may discover that it may look small and scanty, but they keep it neat and tidy. So we now thought that the neatness they have inside, let’s try and help them show it outside.”

“By the time the women of Makoko come out we are going to organise them to pack dirts.They will pack gutters, pack their dirt, once it has been packed, those that have shops directly in front of the gutters are the ones to pack the dirt into the sacks that would be provided. Now this is going to be a periodic exercise; we are looking at working with the women in Makoko on monthly or quarterly basis.

“Today we’re looking up to the women in the wellness walk and sanitation exercise. So they’re channelling their energy outside of their living rooms,” she said.

He noted that the essence was when people see that others pack their gutters for them consecutively for two or three months, they will then have to think twice before putting anything inside the gutter again.