The Umuadaigbo


Umuadaigbo Massachusetts U.S.A is a women organisation comprising seven Igbo-speaking states in eastern Nigeria: Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Abia, Ebonyi, Rivers and Delta.

“Our membership capacity is 205. Our mission is to empower women, promote our culture in Diaspora and raise our children teaching them the importance of the Nigerian culture, values and heritage. We are our sister’s keeper and building a strong community in Diaspora. “Umuadaigbo has brought 200 women together as members of Umuadaigbo, in promoting our culture, empowering women, introducing an insurance scheme to support one another in time of death. The association offers its members or members’ spouses up to $12, 000 through the scheme. They have organised a yearly soccer between Umuada and the Nigerian men in Boston, with the youths, and other women organisation,” a statement by the group said.   It noted further that the association intended to collaborate with Umuigbo Unite, a Nigerian youth organisation where “our Igbo children come together to keep our culture alive. We must keep our culture and encourage intermarriage amongst our children.”  “Our biggest agenda is purchasing and owning a Nigerian civic centre. Our upcoming induction is to install new members and launch our first Umuadaigbo Massachusetts album,” the group added.