On a Spirit-filled Night


Yinka Olatunbosun

It’s all in the spirit. Golden Tulip, FESTAC was recently swarmed by distributors of Lord’s Dry Gin as Grand Oak Limited, the renowned marketing and distribution company in wine and spirit, recently re-launched the premium spirit with a new classic label in a very attractive pack. The white and red collage of outdoor décor ushered in the guests drawn from various distribution networks and geographic locations who assembled to unwind and celebrate the brand at the Distributors’ conference.

After the launch, the atmosphere became playful at the surrounding park where the distributors engaged in fitness exercises, relaxation-motivated games such as tug-of-war, hide and seek amongst others.

Meanwhile, the beautiful spot for the cocktail was shut down by the heavy storm that threatened to dislocate caps and head-ties from the congregated distributors who wanted to enjoy the nightlife. But the table was quickly set inside with the hall which was the venue of the launch earlier in the day at the two-day conference.

The gin, being the reason why everyone stayed awake all night, is made of exceptional international quality and has been in the market for 34 years. To this end, a new television commercial was launched alongside radio jingles and press advertisements which are also available in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa languages.

In his remarks, the Brand Manager, Jacob Akaade observed that the dry gin market is highly fragmented but can be divided into three essential segments namely the value segment, the mixed price segment and the premium segment. He classified the gin in the last category. Similarly, the category manager Amuwo Olayinka revealed that the Lord’s Gin has enjoyed leadership in the spirit market as a staple in top bars and hotels.

The night of fun climaxed in the distribution of brand new automobiles to outstanding distributors who have either shown the spirit of commitment to the brand in a few years or devoted their resources into promoting the brand for almost two decades.

The Managing Director, Aare Fatai Odesile extolled the brand attributes in the Lord’s Dry Gin and he reaffirmed the leading position of the mouth-watering premium spirit as the guests milled around the hall for dinner and complementary cocktail mixes.