If Every Billionaire Were Like Mike Adenuga…



•Why he stays away from murky politics
Few billionaires are self-effacing like Dr. Mike Adenuga, GCON. In fact, very few of members of Nigeria’s affluent club can achieve every great feat in their youth and remain quiet and self-effacing, like an avatar of the Himalayan thrust. The Globacom boss, a modern-day ‘General of Commerce’, attains great feats with unusual finesse and yet carries on with no false air of modesty. While his peers are busy pushing status and their immense bulk in a desperate dash for socioeconomic and political acclaim, Adenuga affects tact and humility, without ostentation or pretence. Hence his very loud silence in the public arena despite his very intimidating stature.

The Champion, Dr. Adenuga is a force of nature. A rare factor on the African continent. Some would liken him to ‘The Factor’ on the African continent, a towering force of hope and entrepreneurial depth. The image pops in the head every time he looms large in conversations and events within and outside the business world. The Globacom chairman brings brilliance and passionate intensity to entrepreneurship. A smart business person, Adenuga is a bold disrupter of the telecoms model. And Nigeria and Africa are the better for it. He enables telecoms in a way no other magnate has done. His forays into the business sector are richly layered and iconic.

Findings revealed that he is currently one of the very few economic giants and magnates enjoying the respect of several African governments’ courtesy his infectious modesty and enviable business culture. Unlike most of his peers who are too busy poking their noses in the murky politics and intrigues of their respective states and even neighbouring territories, Adenuga simply focuses on his enterprise and applies himself to it conscientiously and with a towering sense of personal and professional business ethics. Sources close to him revealed that he abhors the smudge and perils of cutthroat politics. This is why the Globacom head honcho’s businesses are never mired in dirt or fraudulence of any kind.

This is why he is a force of nature. Yet he is modest and without scorn. This is definitely one trait that stands him out from his peers. Every hour he flips through stamina rings, adroitly and without fear. Adenuga eases through the processes, like the proverbial ageless hunter going for the kill, often with gratifying upshots.

Olaiwola Salami is an unusual man. The CEO of Admiralty Homes Ltd is distinguished by his work and compassion for fellow humans. He carries on like a man who understands that the purpose of human life is to serve by showing compassion and the will to help others. His compassion and will, like preternatural folds of flesh, serve as furrowed pillows to his humanity and windows to a masculinity that captivates almost too often at first glance.

He is a former United Nations consultant and experienced UK trained professional in building, designing and decoration. Salami is also a senior IT Consultant implementing Oracle Financials Software and he has been in the Real Estate development and renovation sector in the UK for more than 20 years. His investments cut across US and Dubai. “The Address by Burj Khalifa” newly built properties for the purposes of gaining more knowledge on property development outside the country with the expectation of how to replicate the same concept back here in Nigeria. Admiralty Homes Ltd commenced real estate business since almost 12 years ago. He is married to the most delectable Suliat Ololade Salami, a former gold merchant who runs the Real estate business with him.

There is no art to detect malice in the average mortal’s heart hence man’s inability to discern malicious intent from truth. This sad reality recently played out on your beloved HighLife page, as mischief makers deployed malice and stealth to sully the good name and joy of prominent magnate and politician, Dr. Peter Obafemi. Information made available to Highlife suggested that the top politician and businessman’s wife had a stillbirth and that he’s going through tough times. Further findings revealed that the information is untrue. Highlife regrets the grievous error of the publication. Mr. Obafemi did not lose his child nor did wife suffer stillbirth.

As far as friends and family of Dr. P, as he is fondly called, is concerned, the report skirts moral boundaries. Rabble rousers should desist from tarnishing the joy of a happy family man with unwarranted malice as we retract the report in its entirety. Interestingly, Dr. P has scaled staggering heights, and his exploits are famously enviable. Contrary to what you might read, Obafemi is no overnight sensation. In fact, he achieved success the old-fashioned way: he earned it. He worked hard and stayed humble. He lives the right way; he plays the right way. But however you choose to see him, his story remains the stuff gallant dreams are made of. Unlike many of his peers, his rise to eminence was as much a product of unrelenting will and his astounding ability to pirouette himself from obscurity to entrepreneurial acclaim by the jockstraps.