Militancy: I will Only Mediate for a Credible Group, Says Ita-Giwa


Former Presidential Adviser on National Assembly Matters, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa has reiterated her earlier stand that she will only consider mediating only with any credible group in the Niger Delta with the aim of ending the vandalism and restiveness in the area.

Ita-Giwa noted that she has no affiliation with any of the groups apart from being the leader of the Bakassi people under the aegis of the Bakassi General Assembly, a body collectively struggling to ensure the resettlement of my people.

In a statement signed in Lagos, Ita-Giwa added that inasmuch as she is interested in any moves aimed at restoring peace and developments in the region, she would consider serving if the federal government is willing to engage in discussions with credible Nigerians who have genuine interest and sympathy for the people of the region.

The statement read in part: My position is still the same and that is the fact that I will accept to mediate for any credible group and it is important to note that I do not have affiliation with any of these groups apart from my position as the political leader of the Bakassi people struggling along with other Bakassi people to ensure proper resettlement of my people.

“Again, I will serve in order to put in place a lasting solution to the hostility, thereby bringing succour to the people of the region.

“I shall also be willing to be part of the dialogue for the benefit of the people of the region and by extension, the numerous displaced Bakassi indigenes who have been neglected over the years,” she said.
“As a major stakeholder and mother in the region and indeed Nigeria, I am willing to be party to any dialogue that will bring peace to the sufferings of the people of Niger Delta.