Kachikwu, Please Grow Up

Political Notes
The Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, and the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibeh Kachikwu, on Monday, openly disagreed on the establishment of a Nigerian Maritime University, proposed for Okerenkoko in Delta State. The incident, which happened at a town hall meeting in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has since left a sour taste in the mouths of the observing public about a team that has remained disagreeable in all things than merely disagreeing.
In fairness to the Minister of Transportation, Amaechi, he neither said nor did anything out of place. In fact, he had alluded to having conferred with his junior counterpart in the petroleum sector, apparently feigning they were on the same page before Kachikwu chose to create a scene. Even where Kachikwu genuinely disagreed with Amaechi’s position, that very meeting was not a platform to expose the practically non-existent cohesion in the Muhammadu Buhari cabinet, which is fast becoming the norm.
Kachikwu’s response was not only ill-conceived; it was politically immature and has shown that all he cares to do all the time as he has become a regular face on the social media, ranting his claptrap, is grandstand even when he is unable to justify the basis of his ranting.
Unfortunately, for both ministers, the essence of the town hall meeting was completely lost in their needless and disgraceful disagreement. Not even the most obscure news medium reported the crux of the meeting but their disagreement. What, therefore, was that showoff for? Should the cabinet members continue with this concealed hatred amongst them, the government will not only end up the worst, the people will regret ever considering change as an option.