Dazzling Performance at Rhyme and Reason Concert


Expectations soared high last Saturday at the second edition of Rhyme and Reason Concert as different artistes came on stage to carry out surgical cut of words into provocative rhymes.

From all corners of The Dome, Lekki, Lagos where the event held, lovers of rap, poetry, spoken word and even curious minds failed woefully in trying to contain their excitement. From the loudly applauded Preston and Jackie Hill-Perry performance of ‘The Fall’ to Ezekiel Azonwu’s performance of ‘The Letter’, audience members were greatly awed.

True to the promise of the organisers at the press conference held the previous day, the concert lived up to its billing.

The organisers had unveiled the line-up of artistes including returnees like Janette…ikz. Others included top local and international artistes like Jackie Hill-Perry, Preston Perry, Ezekiel Azonwu, Atilola, Plumbline, Or-Raw-Day, Gaise, IBK Spaceship Boi and DJ Mordu, who had etched their names in the golden hall of fame of rap, poetry and spoken word artistry.

Convened by Atilola Moronfolu and Awele Chiedu, Rhyme and Reason kicked off in December, 2014 as part of a Rap and Spoken Word Tour in South Africa. It has since found acclaim as the only event that provides a platform for aspiring poets, rap and spoken word artistes in the country. Its first edition recorded a staggering attendance of 1,500 from different parts of the city of Lagos. This year, it attracted thousands from within and outside the country.
According to Atilola, also a well-celebrated Spoken Word artiste, the concert is a platform to use words as a tool of self-expression as well as an instrument for social change.

“Rhyme and Reason is focused on continually creating new innovative ideas and platforms through which people, especially youths can come together and creatively express themselves, highlighting issues and challenges that affect their lives, with the view to proposing solutions by creating a positive narrative that resonates through the entire society and create meaningful impact,” she said.

Waxing lyrical, she further stated that love is the central thing that drives every human being. “Love for our country, our youths, the arts and our fellow man, to name a few. To see our next generation empowered, edified and positively charged with taking the frontiers of this great nation beyond our imagination. Therefore, we all rhyme and reason.”
This assertion was clearly demonstrated by the different acts displayed on stage. However, the most memorable moment of the night was when Ezekiel led a typical Nigerian worship session in which he literally stole the heart of his fellow Nigerians.