Achieve Healthy Lifestyle with LG Technologies


Living a healthy lifestyle is now easier than ever, thanks to the array of fitness tracking apps, wearable devices, and other smart products now available. Technologies such as smartphones, activity monitors and video games provide an avenue for people to enhance measure, understand and alter their daily activities to live a healthier lifestyle with reduced risk of disease. This and many more can be used to achieve the best healthy living.

With the demand of work, raising a family and other obstacles consumers are faced with on a daily basis, it is just too much a hassle for most people to count calories, make healthy food choices and get to the gym a couple of times a week. Luckily, we are in the golden age of technology. Electronics giant, hence, LG Electronics has created devices and services to help simplify our everyday lives, and that includes numerous technologies that can help achieve your health goals. LG Electronics is taking the bull by the horn by investing heavily on innovations that will help actualise a healthy global population and come up with innovative tailored solutions, which will help people in living a modern lifestyle with healthy living.

It is no longer news that LG has a history of churning out innovative products designed to keep users a step ahead of competition by allowing them to track their vitals alongside a range of fitness statistics. The LG watch Urbane equipped with a smart monitor to check the heart rate and a number of sporty features, apart from measuring total calories burned, the smart watch catalogs daily activity to help users chart progress over time. LG watch Urbane no doubts combines style and flexibility that modern consumers demand. Interestingly, the LG advanced Twin wash allows users to simultaneously wash multiple loads with differing settings which allows consumers that are allergic to strong detergents to wash their clothes in the same washer used by the rest of the household. It is also tilted to a more accessible six-degree angle, so users don’t have to bend over as much to put clothes in or take them out saving them back or waist pain.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said: “For us the next step in the expansion of health benefits will be the addition of smart technology to everyday appliances, and LG is incredibly poised to succeed as the market evolves. When multiple products combine they form a safety net that protects users on multiple levels, compounding the individual benefits of each technology- making it easier for users to stay healthy.”

LG’s kitchen appliances are made with food safety in mind. For instance, the LG microwave uses linear power control between 200 to 1200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food all the way through. The microwave also boasts several features, which lock in nutrients, helping users prepare healthier dishes. Perhaps the second most important factor in maintaining a healthy kitchen involves food storage. LG refrigerators are designed with a special emphasis on keeping the users’ food safer and their kitchen more organised. The LG Door-in-Door (DID) refrigerator has been designed to meet many families complaining of certain types of food going bad due to constant opening of the fridge to get “go-to” foods during the regular quick grab and go visits.

The refrigerator also keeps food fresher for longer, further contributing to overall cleanliness inside the fridge. In addition, The Door-in-Door design makes frequently used items more accessible while still allowing less frequently used items to remain in sight. Having known the prevalence of mosquitoes and in order to protect customers from the diseases being spread by these mosquitoes, LG has developed impressive ultrasonic wave technology, a safe and effective non-toxic technology method for repelling mosquitoes. This technology is featured prominently on LG’s air conditioners. In addition to their outstanding cooling capabilities and advanced humidity control systems, the AC is designed to assist local consumers in their daily fight against mosquitoes. When active, the AC repels mosquitoes and prevents more mosquitoes from entering the room with its ultrasonic technology, without relying on potentially harmful chemicals.

Moreover, LG has continuously been in the forefront in terms of designing and manufacturing vacuum cleaners with modern technology to perform tedious cleaning exercise with little or no supervision from the user. The HOM-BOT has contributed in small measure in promoting cleanliness and improves healthy respiration; these technologies combine together guarantees a healthy habitation.

The advancement in innovative healthy technology is promoting a hassle free world with LG championing it with its ever-innovative core technologies. The standardisation and innovation of modern technology has made it possible for consumers to now see healthy living as not just systemic but as a way of life worthy of embracing, all thanks to LG Electronics.