World Environment Day: Oando Advocates LPG Adoption


As World Environment Day is being celebrated today, Nigeria’s leading Oil retailer, Oando Marketing Plc has restated its commitment to providing products and services that impact the environment positively.

In the past few years, Oando Marketing has been at the forefront of creating awareness and educating the public on the benefits of LPG, more widely known as cooking gas.

Through its awareness-raising campaigns complemented by roadshows to NYSC camps and grassroots outreaches where women entrepreneurs managing soup kitchens and local restaurants (Bukkas) are educated on the use of cleaner cooking solutions for better health and environment, the company has increased awareness around how the use of these dirty fuels affect the environment with issues like deforestation, and carbon monoxide emission into the atmosphere being top of the list.

Other initiatives include the “Teens can cook” Regional competition which was envisioned as a way to instill the use of cleaner cooking solutions whilst instilling cooking skills in the younger population; and the ongoing Bukka Switch campaign, kick started with the Akara Osu women last year with a plan to switch 40 local restaurants by the end of June 2016.

The company believes that using LPG as a preferred cooking solution is better for the health and environment, and this belief has driven several of Oando Marketing LPG Switch initiatives

Commenting on the usefulness of LPG, the CEO of Oando Marketing, Abayomi Awobokun said: “Research has shown that the use of solid fuels like charcoal and firewood can erode the environment causing problems such as air pollution and climate change. Over time these solutions also have a negative effect on our health. It is important for us to have all the facts about how our activities can affect not just the environment but also our lives.”

Through its public enlightenment campaign, Oando Marketing Plc has empowered and engaged over 30 million people nationwide on the social benefit of using LPG.