Group Condemns Unhealthy Political Manoeuvring among CAN Members


Kasim Sumaina in Abuja

A group, Patriotic Christian Front (PCF), has condemned the the ongoing crisis ravaging the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) followng the inability of the association conduct a peaceful election into the office of its National President.

According to the Head, Patriotic Christian Front (PCF), Chief Michael Awonour, “Some Hawks has emerged within CAN. And what is more worrisome is the fact that the current National President of CAN and his executives have remained too silent for comfort on the matter.

“They must speak up now in the interest of Justice and fair play. CAN is not a secular pressure group or Labour Union and must not allow to die.”

Awonour faulted the recent campaign of calumny against one of the contender from the TEKAN/ECWA bloc who they accused of having the blessings of the Presidency, stating that what does government stand to benefit from interfering in CAN election.

He said, “Nigeria today cannot afford a mediocre CAN leadership that will not appreciate the current challenges faced by Christianity in our nation the dynamics of governance and the role by the Church in shepherding God’s people aright in such a time. Even the Constitution of CAN had envisaged this when it spelt out the pre-requisites of being a CAN President.”

Speaking further, Awonour said, “In the interest of fairness and justice, we urge the CAN NEC to immediately nullify the kangaroo election that produce the two candidates: Prof. Joseph Otubu of the OAIC bloc and Rev. Support Ayokunle of the CCN bloc and other fresh election which will include the unjustly excluded candidate of TEKAN/ECWA in the person of Dr. Jeremiah Gado.

“All what we are saying and demanding is that, all qualified candidates should be allowed to participate in the election and not total exclusion. God will choose Who He deem fit. So, all candidates must be allowed to participate.

He stated that the current CAN General Secretary in connivance with CAN Director of National Issues are brain behind problems brewing in the Association and that, they should be call to order. “These Hawks refused to recognise the result of the TEKAN/ECWA election of 29th March, 2016 on the ground that the result sheet was not signed, thereby tactically excluding Dr. Gado from the race. And have refused not to allow any meaningful election to hold.

“Suffice it to say that the outgoing President has raised the bar of leadership not only in the church but in the country and thus, the need for a more knowledgeable, credible and experience personality to carry on the torch of leadership of CAN. Therefore, let the floor be open to all the candidates to participate,” Awonour added.