Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria Holds Seminar


The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, an affiliate of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), Federal Ministry of Works held a seminar recently. Venue was Ministry of Works Conference Room and the time was 10:00am.

Theme: The importance and benefits of National Health Insurance Scheme and Annuity under the leadership of Comrade Ogbeide Osunbor (Chairman), Comrade Ekerin Nurudeen Olusegun (Vice Chairman), Comrade Bakare Saidi (Secretary), Comrade Ogunbakin Adeola (Treasurer) and Comrade Oye Fodunrin (Asst. Secretary).

The seminar was to make the staff to have information on the extent they could go for services at the designated hospitals of their choice, when they are sick or when the need arises.  On annuity, as they retire, they have a choice on programme withdrawal or annuity.