Tambuwal Defends His Frequent Foreign Trips


Mohammed Aminu in Sokoto

Sokoto State Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, on Monday said his frequent trips abroad were not for leisure.

Speaking during an interview with journalists at the Government House, Sokoto, he maintained that the frequent trips within and outside the country were not for leisure, but for exigencies of governance.

He noted with dismay that some people even call him a globe-trotter because of the frequent trips meant to attract foreign investors to the state.

“We came in when there was the need to establish a certain level of stability in the polity of the nation.

“This is a national calling and it is not by my own design or making, but for some Nigerians who think that i can help in this direction,” he said.

The governor dispelled the notion that governance had suffered due to his frequent trips, saying in a modern world governance may not necessarily require physical presence.

“What is required is your consent and sometimes your signature, and such trips had not negatively impacted on governance,”he asserted.

He said his administration will partner with foreign investors, particularly from China to boost power supply in the state.

Tambuwal stated that the foreign investors would focus on the use of solar energy and wind power to generate more energy for the state.

Further details later