A2Creative, Osa7 Presents the 7th Element


Come May 28, 2016, the collaborative team of A2Creative and Osa7 will present the first edition of the 7th Element – a unique platform set up to showcase Graffiti artists in Nigeria.

The very unique Graffiti Exhibition will feature a presentation of works by Urban Graffiti artist, Osa Okunkpolor with focus on works created by Osa in the last six months including a number of major new urban art pieces. One of the most intriguing things about this exhibition is that it is not just about the Art, but serves as the melting pot of creativity – from installations, to music, and contortion performances.

Osa7 is an Urban GFX and Graffiti Artist, with a passion for telling stories using contemporary art. Armed with his Stencils, spray paint, epoxy, varnish, paper, and boards, he disrupts spaces that allow him express his Creativity. Osa’s work ranges from portraits of iconic characters, to scenic images, brand designs, abstract art, and tribal art designs that appeal to the human emotions.

The exhibition is sponsored by Guinness and KIA and is supported by Zebra Stripes Networks, The Palms, GR8AN, The Guardian, Trace Urban, Farabale, POP Central, FUSE and STA (Student Tours Advisory).
“This is the first time Osa7 will be exhibiting his art in a public space. One of the great things about this exhibition is that it is not limited to canvas or walls – Osa7 will be creating artwork on shoes, drink cans, tires, phone cards, and KIA Vehicle, as a prelude to his next art project which promotes recycling” – Adaora Mbelu- Dania Head of Innovation at A2Creative says.