Tale of Three Warring Brothers


Royalty is sweet!  The luxury of a modern palace is irresistibly tempting!  So also fame is coveted by all and sundry! If you are in agreement with this postulation, you may not need to cudgel your brains so much to unravel the mystery behind long-drawn battle among the three sons of the Oniru of Iruland, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru.  But strangely, there is no vacancy yet in the palace as the current occupant of the throne is still alive!

Spy Glass gathered that given the elitist nature of the Kingdom on Victoria Island, Lagos, the trio of Adesegun, Tijanni and Ademola Oniru have been at one another’s jugular over who succeeds the ailing 79 year-old monarch.

 Segun, a former Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, is the first son of the King. He is quite a deep pocket; he is also close to the state government that plays prominent role in selection of monarchs. But the only snag, according to sources, is that he is not loved by the chiefs and indigenes of the community.

His brother, Ademola, who manages Oniru Beach on the other hand, is very close to the chiefs, and to the indigenes of the community. A philanthropist of note, Ademola, who relocated from the USA, is described as a great benefactor to many in the area. Consequently, many are ready to literally back him to the coveted throne.

Meanwhile, Tijanni is also said to be making subterranean moves to realise his dreams, and that he is banking on his closeness to his father and his popularity among the chiefs.

For now, observers are of the opinion that the feud among the three brothers is needless, as the answer to their quest is in the womb of time!

Presently, the three brothers hold notable titles in the kingdom. As hinted, Prince Adesegun is the Aremo of Iruland,  Prince Ademola is the Ojele Olofin Ejiwa of Iruland while Prince Tijjani holds the title Opemoluwa of the land.