Nigeria Society for the Blind Organises Masked May Ball


Blindness is one of the most challenging disabilities to deal with. Not being able to see your surroundings can make life very difficult for a person, whether they were born without sight or lost it later in life.

The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind is a non-profit organisation established for the rehabilitation and training of adults and adolescents living with vision impairment in Nigeria. Established in 1955, The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind is still the only non-governmental boarding institution solely committed to rehabilitating those who became blind after being sighted.

Its main aim is to restore lost hope, ignite confidence, and raise champions who can live productively, independently and contribute to the socio-economic growth of society. The society is funded by philanthropic donations and equips students to learn Braille, mobility skills, computer skills and vocational skills such as basket weaving, tie-dye, music and shoe-making and prepare students for higher learning in university.

To date the society has positively impacted the lives of about 2,500 visually impaired Nigerians, raising champions.

The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind has introduced its annual celebration event titled, May Ball on 28th May, 2016 at the Muson Center, Lagos.

Officials said the purpose of this event is to: Raise funds for projects dedicated to providing qualitative training and inclusive education for our trainees; Exhibit our trainees’ crafts, products and talent to you, donors, sponsor and the general public; Create public awareness of your benevolence, telling the positive effects of your social responsibility in the lives of our trainees; and provide an account of stewardship to you in the utilisation of your funds in our past, current and future projects.

Others are to deepen your personal and corporate brand equity, brand loyalty and brand recognition in the minds of the general public and other key industry stakeholders.

“The May Ball typically has various entertaining activities to keep guests enthralled, while also celebrating our sponsors.”

This year, the society’s special theme is the “Masked May Ball” with activities such as a fashion show, using Adire materials and crafts done by our students, a celebrity auction, whereby celebrities are auctioned off, for the highest bidder to win a blind dinner date for two with the celebrity, and a raffle draw to win exotic gifts.

The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind invites all to a fantastic evening, to join in a night of fun and of course support.