Ifeanyi Onyeabo Completes ‘Tribe’



As preparations gradually peak towards the official release of Ifeanyi Onyeabo’s latest work, Tribe, Nollywood seems to be quaking in anticipation. This is clearly borne out of Onyeabo’s quintessential approach to filmmaking, which, in his over two decades in the industry, has produced some of the greatest works in the industry.

Tribe, which commenced recording in 2010 in Ghana, employed the services of actors and crew-members from eight African countries and Jamaica after a 3-nation tour for auditions.

The classic African story was set in Africa about five centuries ago, employing the basic tenets of African culture, attitude, and temperaments to achieve what the African film industry has been yearning for. According to the latest statement by the producers, the film highlighted values and vices that make the African continent an effervescent hub of activities, especially in the past years.

“From greed, to betrayal, to bravery, to love, Tribe is a film that has a good dosage of such emotions in a manner that cinema lovers would be glued to their seats. We went out of our way to get the characters that will interpret the roles, the way we wanted. That took us to three African countries of Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.” The action-packed film has on parade actors like, Peter Bunor (Nigeria), Fred Amugi (Ghana), Peachman Akputa (Nigeria), Amanda Ebeye (Nigeria), Kofi Djabi (Jamaica), Ekow Blankson (Ghana), Kafui Danku-Charles-Dean (Liberia) and Williemena Pinky Appleton (Liberia). They are joined by over two hundred actors who traversed the luscious locations where the film was shot.  Tribe is coming on the stable of IGOSTEVE Pictures.