Workers Shun NLC Strike in Kaduna, Union Claims Success

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John Shiklam in Kaduna

Normal activities continued unhindered in Kaduna on Wednesday in spite of the directive by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to workers to embark on a strike against the recent increase of pump price of petrol by the federal government.

Government offices, markets, banks, schools and other public institutions were open for businesses while security personnel were deployed to strategic locations within the metropolis to check any breakdown of law and order.

At the Kaduna state secretariat along Independence Way and the Federal Secretariat, Kawo, workers reported for work.

Members of the state security outfit, “Operation Yaki” made up of the police and Civil Defence were seen patrolling some parts of the city as people went about their businesses.

But the Kaduna state chairman of the NLC, Adamu Ango, insisted that his members in the NLC observed the strike by staying home.

He said NLC members did not demonstrate on the street so as to avoid a situation that could be hijacked by those against the union to perpetrate bloodshed.

In an interview with journalists, Ango alleged that there were plans by some faceless people to infiltrate the NLC to possibly attack its members.

“Junior workers that are under NLC are observing the strike but senior staff associations as members of TUC have reported to work but are not working.

“Why we did not lead a procession is to avoid bloodshed because a violent group has been hired to throw stones at us and cause a semblance of fight.

” After that the police will fire at some specific labour officials or arrest them to spark violence in the state, so in order to avoid such mischief we avoided going on the street for procession” Ango said.