Titi Aikhomu is Back on her Grind


Death is never endearing. It is never splendid or replete with bliss. Thus everywhere it visits, it devastates, like the brute end of a bloody saber. At its intrusion in the world of Titi, widow of late Ehime Aikhomu, it flipped the ravishing lady inside out and rendered her a pathetic husk of her former vibrant self. It brought her interminable pain and heartache but as you read, Titi has rediscovered her path to hope and vivacity. The beautiful wife of the son of late Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, is back on the grind, four years after her husband died in the ill-fated Dana plane crash in 2012. Titi contradicts the African widow stereotype in more ways than could be imagined.

She is not a symbol of neglect nor is she caught in a perpetual vortex of misery and lack; impressively, she is holding firm even in the face of life’s scariest vicissitudes. Titi is soldiering on, living up to the vows and passion that united her and her late heartthrob in enviable love back when he was alive. She was at the GTB bank event some days ago. She was looking really nice with a wide smile.
‘Imperfections’ and charm of Blessing Agboli as she stages Women of Influence Conference

Her fair tone glistens with a rare shine. But you can only glimpse this from her face and prettily manicured hands. Pastor Blessing Agboli is a very private woman. Exceedingly reserved perhaps. Blessing’s womanliness commands the respect and admiration of her closest associates and even passing acquaintances. However, what makes her peerless has little to do with her gracefulness, beauty and infectious modesty; it has more to do with her towering humility, forthrightness and capacity to admit to imperfections that remains a blight to the most lovable mortal.

Despite the polish and élan that defines her femininity, Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Missned of Quatar and Blessing Agboli have the same dress sense. She loves world class designers. Many a rich, privileged woman totter into vogue but it takes a profound, perceptive lady to mirror the breadth and depth of burgeoning trends to the world. However, when such woman possesses the verve and charisma to dictate and often set the pace in whatever social circuit she inhabits, she runs the risk of affliction by societal thought, that labels substance and sophistication, particularly when intense, as amoral. Blessing is a rich, privileged woman. She is profound and perceptive too.

She dictates and sets the pace in her social circuit; she’s got substance and class and she is never amoral, in the estimation of her friends, family and church adherents. Being a Christian, according to her, should not sentence anyone to the dungeons of bleakness and aesthetic barrenness. She glamourises her trendiness and love for high fashion as much as her love for God. However, the Victorious Army Ministries International presents its Jesus Women of Influence Conference 2016, on May, 19 to 21. This power packed programme billed for 5pm and tagged “Women the Elect -(2John 1:1)” will have Dr. Helen Ayo Orisejefor, Dr. Jasmin Sculark, Dr. Medina Pullings, Dr. Dolapo Adelakun, Dr. (Mrs.) Ibukun Awosika and Mama Blessings Joseph Agboli (Host) on the pulpit at Plot 22, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja.

Igho Sanomi at 41…master of his universe

There is much to admire in Igho Sanomi. His realistic bent, his wittiness, and charming demeanour. Add to that, his infectious tenacity and blithe disposition, which has so far, endeared him to the most exclusive high society circuits, and you have an ideal portrait of charisma and panache in a 41-year-old. Yeah, Igho Sanomi will be 41 in few days and he has attained that ripe age with unusual élan. Unlike commonplace characters in the high society circles, Sanomi doesn’t have much company in the rarefied air in which he lives and creates; he is exclusively his own man and thus well-attuned to staying in orbit.

In 41 years, Sanomi has grown to establish his dominance in the oil and gas sectors, overcoming adversities to record victory after victory in a field erstwhile dominated by retired generals and sit-tight political godfathers. There is no doubt that he has made an incredible impact in the world of Nigerian business, but it’s his determination to never give up that has always resonated with the loudest peal. Since he made his remarkable foray into the Nigerian oil and gas industry, Sanomi, through his Taleveras Group, a globally recognized energy, shipping and power conglomerate, has demonstrated outstanding abilities as a leader, manager, and visionary.