Onome Ikhimioya: My Style Inspired By Beauty of African Woman


Onome Ikhimioya is a socialite, fashion designer and an entrepreneur who started her fashion brand, Mistics Couture, about eight years ago. From  inception, she has landed great jobs, big names like Yemi Alade, Kim Burrell, Oge Okoye, Funke Akinoku, Ngozi Ezeonu and many others. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, she talks, fashion, showbiz, motherhood, career plans and much more

How I got my ‘Mistics’ name

I got the name Mistics back in the university. Then, I was designing outfits and helping friends pick out fabrics for their various occasions. They gave me nicknames like Nomzki, Onomistics, Onomzkoko etc. These nicknames inspired the name of my company – Mistics Couture

 How it all began

 When I started designing, I must confess, it was strictly my passion and drive that trained me. I always knew deep within me that I was meant to design. I fought back strong urges to sketch spontaneously, even though at that time I was involved in some other business. As time went by, I had no option than to settle for it and started experimenting and I discovered that even what I’ll consider a mistake was appreciated by someone. It flattered me when people said it and I just couldn’t help feeling a sense of pride when I saw my designs on runways and fashion shows; it boosted my confidence, and so I enrolled for a couple of trainings around the globe.

I have always been a fashionista

 What I never thought or ever imagined was planting my sense of fashion on international stages. So, first, God inspired me to take up such responsibilities. I wake up every morning and I could be inspired while having a cup of coffee or just lazying around. I appreciate my quiet times a lot and, in such moments, designs just flash before me and I get it sketched immediately.

My selling concept is crafting Ankara

 I work on Ankara and turn the African fabric into something unique and beautiful by bedazzling my pieces with stones, pearls, beads and studs. Also, my style is inspired by the beauty of the African woman; her gaits, wits and brilliance make me take her up passionately and interpret her perfectly to the eyes around her.

The kind of pieces I make

 Mistics Couture is mysteriously and uniquely simple. I create simple, trendy affordable clothing for women, both in my couture and ready to wear collections for high-end clients.

My relationship with Yemi Alade

Yemi is a friend. I style her most of the times for her events and performances.

 Notable celebrity or personality I have clothed so far

I have had the pleasure of clothing both local and international celebrities like Yemi Alade, Kim Burrell, Oge Okoye, Funke Akinoku, Ngozi Ezeonu to name a few.

Vision for my brand

In the next couple of years, Mistics Couture should be everywhere in Africa and the World at large, by God’s Grace.

I see showbiz as a tool for fashion

 Over the years, there has been a fusion of music and fashion. You can see it at fashion events like Music Meets Runway, RipTheRunway and Co. Even top celebrities at home and abroad expressively turn up at red carpets dazzling in exotic designer wears. Most Artistes today also put on classy pieces in music videos, show performances and more.

Juggling motherhood, business, family and all

 It’s been hectic and challenging but I’m having the time of my life. I do what I love to do, which is fashion designing, and also taking care of my family.

Who I would love to clothe at home and abroad

 I do not have anyone in particular but if I must choose I will say Michelle Obama and the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Fashion shows I plan to participate in

The Lagos fashion and design week (LFWD 2016) is one event I would love to be a part of; Music meets Runway and New York fashion week, by God’s Grace.

If not fashion

Well, I have a flair for cooking. I would have attended culinary school and started my own catering company.

 What I love most about designing clothes

 I love the part where I’m able to gist freely with all my tailors. We laugh a whole lot in my factory and listen to music and sometimes do some Shoki, Azonto and even Makosa, depending on how we feel.

More seriously, when a particular design is uniquely tailored for an individual, I tend to achieve much joy because the essence of my brand is to make you stand-out in the crowd. So, when I successfully achieve this for any particular individual, it gives me joy and also justifies the money she paid for it.

 My down Sides

Do I ever feel down? Well, my down times will be not being able to design something new on a particular day.