Kotivu Launches Workplace E-learning Platform for Capacity Building


Kotivu, a social impact educational software firm, has launched an e-learning platform known as kotivu.ng that is expected to provide affordable workplace education to individuals, corporations and institutions desirous of building capacity by doing some great learning.

The bouquet of learning programmes offered by Kotivu span workplace readiness, professional, executive and emerging entrepreneur programmes.

Speaking at the launch of the workplace e-learning platform in Lagos recently, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, kotivu.ng, Stephen Ojji, disclosed that the platform was created to raise the quality of the human resource available to organisations in Nigeria. He said Kotivu decided to introduce the platform because of the harrowing experiences of many employers during recruitment exercises.

“We were inspired by our past recruiting experience to set up kotivu.ng. Several recruitment exercises, which we had in the past, left us with much pain in our hearts because we saw that people, most especially graduates, lacked basic communication and presentation skills needed in a formal environment,” he said.

“Research has also shown that over 85 percent of companies, especially small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) failed to send their staff on training in three years. Major reasons for not training staff were high cost and man-hours loss by business. This inspired us to create a portal that will make training affordable and easily accessible to employees on site thereby reducing man-hour loss. The birth of kotivu.ng was therefore hinged around the democratisation of workplace by making it affordable for millions of Nigerians,” Ojji said.

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Kotivu.ng, Emore Ogho, said with the growing influence of technology in all spheres across the world, including in the education sector, the e-learning platform, would shift the focus of workplace capacity development programmes away from the conventional classroom to online with the aim of helping people to become well-grounded in their professions on a user-friendly portal.

According to Ogho, “The direction in education worldwide now is to leverage technology to deliver lessons. This is one reason why Kotivu.ng is moving training and learning from the classroom to the online domain using technology. Our goal is to make people better at their craft. The Nigerian workforce must keep learning to stay abreast of their peers in other parts of the world. The excuse of being a working professional is no longer acceptable as a reason to stop learning.

“The moment you stop learning, you become obsolete. We have launched Kotivu.ng to revolutionise workplace learning in the country and help people to continue their learning process in the most simplified manner on our accessible and easy-to-use platform,” Ogho added.

Kotivu is a start-up social impact educational software company that provides affordable and innovative technology-based ideas, education and support to individuals, corporations and institutions, including universities and government agencies in Nigeria and across West Africa.