Zenith Bank, Kudirat Abiola Way, Olusosun, Oregun, Lagos



By Nume Ekeghe

Going into this branch for the first time, one will expect that the banking hall will match the size of its big exterior. This is not so, as inside this branch is very small, though well structured. At the time of this investigation, the staff members attending to all the customers were only four.

There were only two tellers attending to all banking transactions and two customer service personnel. One of the customer service personnel even left minutes after this reporter entered the banking hall, leaving the bulk of work for only one person.

Due to very limited staff on duty, the banking hall was crowded with long queues of customers waiting to be attended to. The banking atmosphere was not conducive as customers, who waited for longer time for transactions that ordinarily should not last for more than five or 10 minutes looked worried.

Also, the two tellers, who apparently were overwhelmed by the huge crowd of customers, were not friendly.   The service officer was also slow in resolving complaints.

The management of this branch needs to engage more hands to ensure quality service delivery.