Love Across the Rims


•Pageantry and class as Abubakar Atiku’s son marries Ghanaian bride

For the first dance, the groom stared into the eyes of his bride as if he meant to rediscover a familiar treasure trove. Aminu Abubakar stared into Nana Akyaa’s eyes wondering how many wonders subsist in the two shiny orbs and windows into her soul. It was a charming, corny, over-the-top moment at an event most noteworthy, perhaps, for how it drew the crème of Nigeria and Ghana’s high societies to celebrate with the new couple.

Aminu looked like he would mesh with Nana. Nana looked even more ready to interlock with him in body, mind, spirit and soul. The couple filled up each other’s glances with muted affectation of undying love.

Since news of their engagement floated in from across borders and seas, the social media, broadcast and print media buzzed with gripping narratives of their fairy tale romance.

Their story is the stuff dreams of grandeur are made of. Aminu hails from an enviable pedigree; the son of Nigeria’s former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, presented as a wonderful hunk worthy of the love, high lust and devotion of several rich, glamorous heiresses. Nana is ravishing and lovable. By the end of her wedding day, she had provoked endless streams of well wishes, accolades and the way her curves flared in her dazzling bridesmaid’s dress.

Nigeria and Ghana were fascinated with the Nigerian prince marrying the Ghanaian princess.
The splendid, majestic state of being rich, unapologetically splendid and royal. The high society wedding provided a chance for the ex-VP Atiku to flaunt his amazing wealth and international clout.

The lavish wedding and reception took place in Kumasi, Ghana. The ceremony was well attended by dignitaries from both Ghana and Nigeria including wife of the former VP and the groom’s mother, Titi Abubakar, Governor of Adamawa State, Bindo Umaru Jibrilla. Ghanaian monarch, Asantehene, HRM Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, also attended the ceremony. The Asante monarch’s palace served as venue for the traditional wedding of the Abubakars.

Aminu is a product of Atiku and his Yoruba wife’s marriage. He is the last child of the couple.
The elaborate wedding, brought together three different cultures – the Hausa, Yoruba and Ghana cultures. At the ceremony, treasures and wonders were much in evidence. As the dark-haired bride, floated down the aisle in splendid silk, Aminu eagerly awaited her arrival, standing on his pew to get a bird’s-eye view of his ravishing bride.

Nana looked every bit a princess. Even so, she cut a different portrait from the deviously glorified pony show of a princess that is spoon-fed to girls at a very young age. Companies such as Disney and Mattel provide a wide line of stories and products that promote fairy tales painted in pink. But Nana, unlike the popular princess stereotype wouldn’t have to give up her voice to be royalty, not in this day and age. She is a far cry from the Disney movie princess and mermaids. Nana has a voice; and by its resonance, she attracted and subsequently ensnared her knight in shiny armour, Aminu.

The wedding unfurled like a performance-art project set in a modern-day enchanted hall. Granted, it was an expensive one. Press accounts pegged the affair’s price tag at millions of naira. Tested, able hands oversaw all aspects of the event, from décor to lighting, to conceiving an expensive keepsakes for attendees and selecting its design, in part, to evoke the pedigree of the uniting families.

Very imaginative minds were put in charge of the setting’s visual elements. Guests literally gasped as they emerged into the venue of the ceremony, which a glade in which luscious greenery and hanging garlands conferred a medley of color and a sense of undulation. The event maestro handled most of the logistics and floral treatments, creating an immersive atmosphere. It was grand in its scale—but beautiful, not gross or overwhelming.

As guests sat on comfy chairs carted in for the occasion, cameramen operated video booms, and Aiye crooner, Davido, performed, rendering soulful ballads like the proverbial sonorous balladeer. Some dignitaries shed a few tears as they were rendered totally awestruck by the splendour of the celebration.

The marriage ceremony was no doubt intended to celebrate the families astounding wealth and the couple’s unblemished love. While the affair received plenty of unflattering press beforehand, the blogosphere began to hyperventilate once word got out about the high octane celebration.

From the start to finish, scores of guests indulged in bedazzled documentation. Not a few dignitaries in the consummately wired crowd were pleasantly enthralled by the very well-heeled couple’s ingenious way of declaring their undying love for each other and cementing it in holy union—albeit with enormous helpings of fairy tales, expensive perks and elan.