How Cool Can it Get Free Wi-Fi as You Travel?


In an era where Wi-Fi services are cropping up almost everywhere, it’s still not so easy to get Wi-Fi while on the go, especially on traveling buses in most part of Africa but you’ve probably used free Wi-Fi aboard a cab on your way to the airport or in a restaurant somewhere in Lagos or better still; in your hotel room (of course you’ll be paying a lot of money for rates there) but free Wi-Fi as you travel? No way had you seen that coming!
Palmplay offlineTM now onboard traveling buses in Nigeria

It is not a complimentary service for increased traveling fares by transport company owners-nope. It’s just for sheer fun, well after first time you might need to top-up your PalmplayTM account to keep enjoying access to a host of apps including game apps, education and news apps. Travelers can also stream or download videos including movies, music videos and the hottest soaps.

First you just need to spot the right bus. An inscription on the bus will tell you if you’re on the right bus or not. Once you’re onboard, flick on your Wi-Fi and connect to a whole new ecosystem of fun.

Remember the MaltinaTM free ride promo? (this was done only for Lagos passengers on BRT buses)
All passengers did is to board a BRT bus in Lagos and go their way; the malted drink brand sorted out their fares.
Now Free Wi-fi buses as you travel around Nigeria? Seriously travelers will go “social crazy” this time. These buses will give passengers a first time uninterrupted access to PalmplayTM server so they can access amazing contents free of charge on board.

If a traveler loves the content he or she gets aboard the buses and wants to keep enjoying it anytime they travel, they can purchase PalmplayTM vouchers for as low as N50. The prepaid vouchers work just the way mobile airtime credits do.

So what do you guys think? Our traveling buses have come a long way in terms of upgrade, I mean, these buses are air conditioned (not all private cars in Nigeria have working ACs) and now we’re talking about free wifi on board traveling buses courtesy of Palmchat messaging app.