UI Shut Indefinitely after Violent Protest by Students


Ademola Babalola in Ibadan
Following two days of violent protest by the students of the University of Ibadan, the institution was on Tuesday closed indefinitely.

The protesting students, had last monday and through the early hours of yesterday protested against the suspension of a union leader by the Student Disciplinary Committee. Other things protested against were lack of power and water among other municipal needs on campus.

The students protest led to chasing of other students out off lecture rooms with canes while entrance gates and roads within the university were put under lock and key and barricaded.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University,  Professor Abel Olayinka, who announced the closure of the institution, said the decision was necessitated by the need to check the uprising on campus, adding that the protests had led to a situation where life-threatening acts and text messages had been sent and received around the campus with some students allegedly covering their faces during the protest.

He added that the students were to leave the university campus by 4p.m. yesterday,  stressing that any student found on campus would be expelled.

According to Prof Olayinka, the university management reviewed the situation on campus and realised that it owed a majority of the students responsibility to ensure their safety, adding that threats of violence against law abiding students cannot be condoned.
However, the leadership of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) was seen addressing students not to leave the school premises as at the time of filing this report.